Security Management

Protecting Your Important Information

Our Unique Approach to Comprehensive Security Management That Empowers Your Enterprise

At Pendleton Solutions, LLC, we specialize in the provision of tailored strategies that cover your entire onsite and digital security spectrum, including staff augmentation and tailored training. As your extended security staff, we’ll take a holistic approach to securing all your critical information. From the establishment of a secure facility on your commercial or government property to daily operational security, we’re well-versed in both the planning stage and execution of new security protocols.

Government Management Services

Aside from daily operational security support, Pendleton Solutions also provides government clients with SCIF, SAPF, and other secure facilities construction management expertise and program protection services.

We practice the utmost professionalism and integrity when it comes to protecting your critical information. When you partner with Pendleton Solutions, you’ll receive personalized attention and proven resources that are perfectly tailored to match all of your security needs.

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    Our services cover the following:

    Personnel Security

    • Adjudications

    • Investigations

    • JPAS Management

    Physical Security

    • SCIF and SAP facilities built to ICD 705 Standards

    • Physical Security Assessments

    Information Security

    • Classification Management

    • Industrial Security

    • PII Protection

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    If you have any questions regarding our security management portfolio or if you would like to discuss the security of your agency, please contact us today!