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An organization’s information technology assets provide the critical infrastructure needed to support its mission and achieve primary goals. These key IT assets must be fortified against potential security breach to ensure the continuation and success of the organization. How prevalent are these security breaches? We need to look no further than the front pages of major news sites for first-hand accounts of the catastrophic effects a compromised IT asset has on an organization’s clients, stakeholders, reputation, core services and mission.

Pendleton Solutions enables you to protect your digital enterprise by conducting a thorough assessment of the current threats that pose a risk to your business enterprise.

By performing a full-scale vulnerability assessment and penetration test on your organization, we can identify exploitable lapses in your digital and onsite protection to allow you to take preventive action. Once your security has been accurately measured, we’ll provide cost-effective solutions to help you eliminate these weaknesses and establish an efficient digital environment that’s always monitored, accessible to your team, and impenetrable to outside entities.

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    Pendleton Solutions, LLC provides government and commercial entities with innovative security services and professional consultation. With the right technology and systems in place, we can help you streamline your network and your daily operations while keeping your most critical assets protected.


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